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The Only One Standing In Your Way Is You!

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BMS Connections, LLC

BMS connects Body, Mind, and Spirit to enhance individual and organizational performance through improved quality of thinking. A paradigm shift in individual or organizational performance is always preceded by a change in thinking. Bringing the same old way of thinking into each new day will at best reproduce yesterday's performance.

While the programs of BMS Connections, LLC are designed to make individuals better leaders, individual performers and team players, they have the additional benefit of making individuals better spouses, parents and friends. The way you think carries over into all aspects of your life.

Who will benefit from the programs of BMS Connections, LLC?

  • Leaders wanting to be more efficacious
  • Teams and individuals desiring to achieve results previously thought to be impossible
  • Organizations looking for a new approach to achieving an ethical environment
  • Organizations looking for a new approach to diversity training
  • Individuals facing significant life events, perhaps between jobs, thinking about alternative careers, anticipating retirement
  • Parents
  • Those who have personally or professionally plateaued

The information from BMS Connections, LLC can be delivered by:

  • Seminars/Workshops
  • Retreats 
  • One-On-One Executive Coaching
  • One-On-One Individual Professional Development

What Our Clients are Saying:

The seminar far exceeded my expectations and has given me the tools to apply it to my life, helping me become a better person and line up with the person that God has created me to be. -The Only One Standing In Your Way Is You! Fred Lowe is a very dynamic and warm speaker who you may want to consider as a speaker for several of the organizations you represent. -Critical Thinking Seminar Less hokey than Zigler and more intimate than Brian Tracy. Will impact my life big time! -Critical Thinking Seminar
BMS Connections, LLC
Fred W. Lowe - Principal