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Biography of Fred W. Lowe


BMS Connections, LLC

Fred Lowe holds a BS Degree in Chemical Engineering from The University of Texas and spent over 35 years with Exxon in various executive leadership assignments. Because of his demonstrated leadership skills and ability to motivate people, Fred's background is filled with diversity including sales, manufacturing, new product development, product integrity, property management, warehousing operations, and manager of security  for personnel and physical assets. His leadership made a positive difference on both individuals and organizations. For the past 18 years, Fred has been teaching others how to be successful leaders and team players.

Fred's passion is helping people understand their core purpose in life and lifting them up to higher levels of performance.

You can email Fred at fwlowe@bmsconnections.com or call (832) 242-0090.


BMS Connections, LLC
Fred W. Lowe - Principal
(832) 242-0090