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The retreat was excellent. Some retreats have been mountain top experiences, but the impact sometimes only last days or weeks. This retreat was truly helpful for the long term. This is the only retreat I can remember that I've gone back repeatedly to think through the material and figure out what I need to apply. With the help of a small group, assessing balance, examining truths and developing affirmations are ongoing processes for me. I really appreciate your leadership and support on the retreat. -The Only One Standing In Your Way Is You!

The seminar far exceeded my expectations and has given me the tools to apply it to my life, helping me become a better person and line up with the person that God has created me to be. -The Only One Standing In Your Way Is You!

I came to the seminar thinking I would gain in my search for a job. I left realizing that I gained immensely in my search for a better life. -The Only One Standing In Your Way Is You!

Fred Lowe is a very dynamic and warm speaker who you may want to consider as a speaker for several of the organizations you represent. -Critical Thinking Seminar

Today was really great. We've already received great feedback. We both want to work toward having you back in the future. -Bracewell & Giuliani

I really liked your talk. You obviously have a gift and it is nice to see that you can use it. Please do not hesitate using me as a reference, I'll be happy to do it. -Klein Bank

Fred's passion and understanding of setting and achieving goals is unparalleled. After 20 years of setting goals both professionally and personally, I finally understand how to achieve goals and how to achieve significance in my life. -Joe Nelson

I had encouraged several people to participate in your "The Only One Standing in You Way is You" workshop and today almost all of them have sent me emails praising you, and the seminar. Their comments included how professionally and compassionately your interacted with them, how thought provoking and insightful you material was, and one person even used the phrase "life changing experience". -Ernie Perez, Executive Director, Greater Houston Career Alliance

Friday afternoon and Saturday were phenomenal. My experience has included Dale Carnegie, Landmark, Neurolinguistic programming, Anthony Robbins Firewalk. They all have their place. Your program is right up there with the best. I really learned from and enjoyed the one-on-one approach you have. It's really empowering. -Paul Barela - BMW Financial Group

The second day treatment of mission, vision, and goals is the best I have seen. -Critical Thinking Seminar

Thank you for a great kick-off to our Board Training Day. Everyone enjoyed it and remarked on the new material. It was a very successful day. The energy level was high and stayed that way most of the day. We look forward to having you back to share some of your passion and other ideas with us. -Debbie Kearns - President, Assistance League of Houston

Critical Thinking takes some complex information and makes it very understandable, doable and actionable. -Critical Thinking Seminar

If I had learned this stuff in my early 20's my life would be different! -Critical Thinking Seminar

Fred, I received very positive feedback from a number of the attendees to the luncheon. I was personally inspired by your words. -ExxonMobil Development Company

I liked the idea of coming up with dreams and then being shown how to translate those ideas into concrete plans. Too often I leave a seminar knowing what I want to do but not really knowing how to do it. -DreamMaster Weekend

Not only did we have a fun time but more importantly we really talked and discussed our hopes, plans, thoughts and dreams for our marriage. -DreamMaster Weekend

I attended the luncheon on April 10, 2003 and let me begin by saying...WOW!!! Your speaker selection was awesome. -International Facilities Management Association

I can feel the difference in my outlook on life since the seminar. My spirit feels lighter and much more positive. I give your seminar rave reviews every time I start thinking about the life-changing information that we received. -The Only One Standing In Your Way Is You!

Incredible tools in a faith based environment, that if put into action will without doubt cause change. I have been inspired. -The Only One Standing In Your Way Is You

Less hokey than Zigler and more intimate than Brian Tracy. Will impact my life big time! -Critical Thinking Seminar

It gave us the opportunity to come up with some concrete ideas and plans to better our marriage. -DreamMaster Weekend

The best teaching of how to write effective and powerful affirmations I have received, and I'm a Stephen Covey trainer -The Only One Stand In Your Way Is You

Fred provided very practical tools for introducing change into one's life. His approach is excellent because it combines motivation with practical tools and a Christ-centered framework. This combination is extremely powerful. The seminar has a great mix of theory, practical tools, and reflective time. -The Only One Standing In Your Way Is You

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