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DreamMaster Weekend

DreamMaster Weekend

"Old age sets in when our memories become more powerful than our dreams."
-Bob Shank, founder of The Master's Program.

What Are Your Spouse's Dreams?

The DreamMaster weekend is a discovery experience for couples that encourages looking at the future together. The chance to take a weekend without kids or distractions and focus on your dreams is an opportunity that brings heightened excitement and adventure into your most important human relationship.

When you stood before the preacher and you heard, "Do you take this woman..?", and "Do you take this man..?", and you both responded with a "yes", there was a sense of excitement and anticipation for the adventure awaiting you called "the future". You both had dreams and you were eager to talk about them. As time passed, some of those dreams were realized, some were intentionally abandoned, and some were abandoned unintentionally as "reality" began to establish itself.

What are your spouse's dreams? On a DreamMaster weekend, couples  go through a discovery experience that encourages looking at the future together. From Friday evening to Sunday noon, you will spend awesome time with your spouse as you make your way toward a shared dream that energizes you in a way that you can't wait to turn it into reality.

This weekend is perfect for couples who want to be intentional about how they will share the remainder of their lives with one another and with God to bring about His Kingdom here on earth. It's about finding that sweet spot where you, your spouse, and God share in meaningful dreams for the future. When is the last time you spent 40 hours with your spouse and God working on something that important?

When my wife, Donna, and I took DreamMaster under the direction of Bob Shank, the founder of The Master's Program and the founder of DreamMaster, we found it to be the most powerful weekend we had ever spent together as husband and wife. We talked about dreams that we had never talked to each other about. We came out of the weekend with a number of powerful dreams, but we identified one dream that we could share to bring into reality. We are two years into our dream and we are making real progress, but we still have a way to go.

For more information on the DreamMaster Weekend  contact Fred Lowe at fwlowe@bmsconnections.com

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