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Is This All There Is?



 Fred W. Lowe

BMS Connections, LLC


At some point in life, everyone wakes up one day and asks the question: "Is this all there is to life, or is there more?" You feel empty and unfulfilled. You are in a rat race, and the rats seem to be winning. The fact that the rats are winning is not nearly as distressing as the fact that your life feels like it has no real meaning. It's true you get up every morning, go to work, make a decent living, provide food and shelter for your family, but still there is something missing. If you have never had this experience, you will.


Viktor Frankl was an Austrian psychiatrist when World War II began. Frankl was also Jewish, and became one of the millions imprisoned in Nazi concentration camps. He was unique in that he was able to survive three years of imprisonment in places such as Auschwitz and

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